While many Americans consider Japanese sushi to be a delicacy eaten at a trendy restaurant, it was actually considered fast food when it was created. Today, sushi is made of sashimi rice and nori. Many people believe that sushi is made of raw fish, but this is not necessarily the case. Some suhi dishes may include raw food, but it may also include cooked crab, salmon, shrimp and even chicken.
History of Sushi
Many sushi lovers might be surprised to learn that the dish originated in Southeast Asia and China before it ever arrived in Japan in the 700s. Originally, sushi consisted of salted fish wrapped by fermented rice to keep it from spoiling. It may come as a surprise that people did not even eat the rice outside of Japan. Japan became accustomed to eating the fish and rice at the same time in a dish called haya-zushi. In the 1800s, this type of sushi was sold by street vendors in the city.

Hanaya Yohei was the first person to introduce to Tokyo the fast food sushi that we know today. Japanese people used chopsticks and their hands to eat the rolls, often while enjoying a show at the theater. The first written notice of sushi being served in the United States dates back to a meeting at the Japanese Embassy in 1953. That same year, the dish was served when Queen Elizabeth II had her royal coronation. Since then, sushi has become a popular representation of Japanese food and culture in America.

{February 14, 2013}