As the popularity of sushi grows, it appears it may not be as healthy as it seems. The meal gained popularity, because Japanese women are season as slim and healthy. Additionally, celebrities often refer to it when they talk about their diets. Thus, the increase of the consumption of sushi has led to a staggering increase in sales in the last few years.

The Unhealthy Side of SushiThe bottom line is it is nutritional, but sushi also contains more calories than once believed. It has been revealed that the amount of carbohydrates in one sushi roll is equivalent to a few slices of bread, and around 300 calories. Now, all of this is just for one roll. A meal comes with several rolls, typically up to three.

The worst part about eating sushi is the belief that you are eating healthy protein derived from fish. However, the amount of fish in a sushi roll is barely present. It is about 4% of how much one serving of fish should be. Another part of the problem is the western version of the meal, which will make the meal unhealthier than it is in Japan. The Japanese version contains fewer carbohydrates, and more fish. This is probably why it works for celebrities, and for the idea that Japanese women are healthier.

To realize how healthy your sushi is, it comes down to the quality of its ingredients and how it is made. Part of the unhealthy versions of sushi relate to how the rice is cooked and how salted it is. The more you see of these types of ingredients, the less densely packed with nutrients it will be.

{May 11, 2013}